Thursday, April 11, 2013

J: Jupiter Station Jousting

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Jupiter Station Jousting

Adam Evans found himself sitting alone in a bar at Jupiter Station.  He pulled the cloak forward to conceal his face in shadow.  This definitely wasn’t the type of place where he liked to spend his time.

There are a few things you should know about Jupiter Station.  They will be listed here for your convenience, though it should be acknowledged that life is rarely this orderly and considerate.

Fact #1. Jupiter Station is nowhere near Jupiter.  It isn’t in orbit around the gas giant of the same name, nor is it even in the same solar system.  It isn’t even owned and operated by someone who claims Jupiter as a surname.

Fact #2. Jupiter Station isn’t a station.  It’s not a space station, or a Department of Interstellar Travel outpost.  You can’t catch a train there, or any other mode of transportation for that matter.  Which is a shame, because most people who end up at Jupiter Station would be grateful for the speedy means of escape.

Fact #3. Jupiter Station is actually a small drinking establishment located next door to the largest smuggling operation in the galaxy.

Fact #4. Jupiter Station isn’t actually a legal part of the Federation, though it sits smack dab in the middle of Federation territory.  Though the Federation once claimed jurisdiction over Jupiter Station, the persistent number of beheadings, shankings, kidnappings, and various other types of horrifying crimes made law enforcement throw up their hands in defeat.  The chief of the Federation police for the district containing Jupiter Station is quoted as saying “This environment is in no way conducive to any form of life, with the exception of the lowest sorts of pond scum that already lurk there.  Some places simply are not worth the effort.”

Of course, the Great Orator didn’t share these details with Adam when he made the decision to send him there as an ambassador.  “Once you get there, order a drink and try not to draw attention to yourself,” the Great Orator had ordered him.  “No one there will ID you, so you won’t need to worry about the issue of your official nonexistence coming up.”

Adam knew that he was supposed to meet someone, but the Great Orator didn’t give him any details.  He said only that his contact would stand out from the crowd.  Of course, the man sitting next to him had a laser blaster surgically implanted where his nose should have been, and an old woman with a pet lizard sat at a small table in the corner.  In a normal bar anywhere else, all of these patrons would have stood out.

Then, as Adam took a long sip from his third beverage, he felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned to see someone dressed from head to toe in shiny, silver armor.  In one hand, they wielded a knitting needle.  “Excuse me, good sir, would you like to joust?”

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  1. I like how you are doing the challenge! I'd be hesitant to be an ambassador! I don't know how to joust :)

  2. I'm going to have that image in my head all day now. Delightful.