Thursday, April 11, 2013

FSF: For the Lack of a Better Plan

In addition to posting my entry for the letter J in the April A-Z Challenge today, I am also posting my weekly piece for Five Sentence Fiction.  The prompt for this week was EDGE.

You can read the entire serialized story on this PAGE.

Chapter 27For the Lack of a Better Plan

The idea of facing the scientist Orton was nerve wracking for the two women, mostly because they could hardly be certain of his reaction to the news they had for him, yet neither of them had been able to figure out a reasonable alternative to get what Ylana so desperately desired, so they made arrangements to see him.
Image courtesy of CNaene

As Ylana stood before Orton in his home, it felt as if Nara’s presence at her side were the only thing preventing her from tumbling over the edge of a great chasm and into the arms of a fiery death.  After all, this man had the knowledge to save her people from the Kryllians, but should he take offense at what they had to report, he could always decide to withhold that help.

After Ylana finished her tale, Orton stood for several moments in stunned silence before saying, “So, my wife hated me so much that she staged her own death to get away from me, and by continually sending people to determine what happened, I contributed to their deaths.  I think I need a stiff drink.”


  1. What do you do? Stay up until midnight to see what the FSF prompt will be? Then again, I'm here at 2:22 AM EST - OK, never mind...

    I liked the last paragraph - it seemed to add realism / depth to the Orton character.

  2. I have got to go back to the beginning, love that last paragraph -- I have to know more!

    Just me checking back in after -- well -- it feels like forever!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Love the 4 long sentences and then the last one "I need a stiff drink"

  4. I recommend a pan-galactic gargle blaster.


  5. I liked it! Twisted just enough to catch my attention and sci-fi to boot!