Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Special Day

It's Leap Day, a once in every four year phenomena, and a day where out-of-the-ordinary things are expected and encouraged.  Now, in the life of a mother caring for two young and energetic children, nothing too bold is going to be happening.  Right now my 9 month old is trying to chew on my keyboard, and I'm typing with one hand while trying to distract him with a toy with the other.  Impressive, maybe, but certainly not out of the ordinary.

My goal for the day is to have a creative day.  Hopefully my writing, as I find time for it that is, will benefit from the unusual, and relatively rare, nature of this day.

BTW-this is my 29th post on this blog, made on February 29th.  Unintentional, but cool, huh?


  1. Hope your kid doesn't chew off any letters!

  2. He hasn't yet, but my oldest boy ripped off the space bar a few months ago. We got it back on, but it's a tad wobbly now.

  3. I've never done anything special for leap year, and it seems like I really should . . .

  4. It's a good excuse to do something fun, anyway, or maybe only productive. For me productivity can be special in and of itself. Just think, you've got four years to plan for the next one!