Thursday, October 25, 2012

FSF: Healing Hands

It's time for another weekly installment of Five Sentence Fiction.  Thanks to Lillie McFerrin for making this possible with the wonderful word prompts and pictures!

I'm on to the third chapter of my story.  For those who haven't read the first two, the links are below.

Chapter 1: Detour
Chapter 2: The Token

Chapter 3: Healing Hands

“There’s a lot of magic in this universe, but there are still no potions to fix the most agonizing of ailments,” Nara said softly as she stood at the galley counter, carefully stirring a cup of assorted wild berries and herbs that was supposed to cure a variety of infections.
Photo prompt taken from Lillie.
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Ylana watched from her seat at the table, marveling at the level of expertise Nara exhibited in her work, along with the other traits that distinguished them from one another.  These women were from such different worlds, which could easily be determined by comparing Nara’s braided white hair and green skin with Ylana’s lack of body hair and light brown skin.

Nara was Hyposian, which meant she grew up learning herbal cures and how to apply a healer’s hands to everything and everyone she met.  She traveled the stars and delivered her cures to those who would have none otherwise, and Ylana silently wondered what contribution she could make to the universe now that she had so much open to her.

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  1. Beautiful positivity in this installment, and I like the physical description, lovely contrast!

  2. This was wonderful ... I loved your style of writing !!!

  3. This is quite an unexpected turn. Didn't expect to see potions in a sci-fi context. I'm all for genre bending though. Have at it.


  4. A nice scene filled with atmosphere. I want to know what's ahead for your character, too.

  5. I'm enjoying this more and more each installment. Nice work!

  6. White hair and green skin, eh? I'd love to see a picture to go with the story! I'll have to check out your other postings to see what else you've written. I see you're not even afraid to post poetry that rhymes - that borders on heroic these days...

  7. Nicely done! I love the descriptions you give of these women :)

  8. I am enjoying Unchained thoroughly and am looking forward to the 4th Chapter.