Thursday, January 31, 2013

FSF: Fragility

Five Sentence Fiction, created by Lillie McFerrin, provides weekly prompts. The mission is to use that prompt as inspiration to write five fantastic sentences of fiction.  Are you up to the challenge?

The prompt this week is DELICATE.

If you haven't read the previous installments of the"Unchained" serial, go to this PAGE to read it from the beginning.

Chapter 17: Fragility

Image courtesy of Worakit
The feeling of terror reverberated through Ylana’s body long after the vision finally ebbed away.  Nara helped her out of the spaceport, and they spent the remainder of the day trying to discover the location of the beach from the brutal images that were now seared into Ylana’s brain.

Finally, after two days of searching and a few sporadic visions that added nothing except additional tension that Ylana’s worn mind could hardly take, the two of them stood on the shore.  Ylana looked down at the place where she’d seen the flowers and whispered, “Life is so delicate, so fragile, and it can all end in a moment.”

“And it ends even faster if someone’s determined to end it for you,” declared an unknown female voice.

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  1. What a scary and ominous little read this was. Nicely done,

  2. What a way to end this one! Chilling in the best way :)

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  4. hey I have yet to read the rest of the story. But from what I see here it sounds like a pretty good story. This little part is creepy. Good ending. Great job

  5. I thought they were going to end up on a beech, the delicate waves lapping against the shore, a deep, relaxing breath from their journey so they could get themselves some peace. . but no. It's a chilling, terrifying last sentence. Excellent cliffhanger. x

  6. Wow! Very frightening!

  7. Now we have to wait nearly a whole week to find out if that female voice is friendly or evil...

  8. Not what I'd want to hear behind how your words work!