Thursday, June 13, 2013

FSF: Home of Nara's Final Hope

It's time for Five Sentence Fiction!  The word Lillie provided for this week is HOME.

If you haven't read previous installments of this serialized story, you can find the entire narrative on this PAGE.

Chapter 35: Home of Nara's Final Hope

The goggles of fate were surprisingly lightweight considering the revelatory power they supposedly contained.  Ylana settled them in place as she knelt beside Nara’s bed, one hand resting gently upon her ill friend’s arm.
Image courtesy of adamr

The images in front of her began to shimmer and shift, and little fragments of the world around her rearranged themselves to create something new.  Now she gazed upon a dilapidated little house that was nestled at the base of a towering hill.

She didn’t know where it was, but a sense of conviction rose up in Ylana’s chest, and she knew that this tiny little home, wherever it happened to be, was Nara’s final hope of survival.


  1. I never realized 5 sentences can hook you into a story. Good one, I'll be back...

  2. That's great. So hard to capture a story in such a short time. You did it!

  3. Nice! Posting on A-Z Road Trip!
    Katy Did

  4. This is really a great story you have "chained" together!

  5. An intriguing story, exceedingly well told. I especially like the final sentence. :)))