Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heroes and Villains

It's time for the Heroes & Villains Blogfest!  Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests are hosting this fun event.  Pop on over to either of their blogs to learn more.

Favorite Heroes:
Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)-Though he's rough on the surface, he has no problem with breaking the law, and he's less than tactful in many situations, he does live by a code of ethics.  When push comes to shove, he tries to do right by the people under his command, and he fights for the things he believes in.
Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Star Trek)-Kirk is a bit of a womanizer, and he doesn't think much of the rules, but he knows how to think quick on his feet to save the day.
Captain John Sheridan (Babylon 5)-Anyone who can end the Shadow War and take back Earth from a fascist regime is definitely hero worthy.  Plus he can make a great speech!

Wow.  I have a thing with captains, don't I?

Favorite Villains:
The Borg (Star Trek TNG and Voyager)-The Borg are persistent, adaptable, and quite creepy as far as adversaries go.  You definitely don't want to see them on your viewscreen.
Mr. Morden (Babylon 5)-He's a traitorous weasel, but he has a smile and a way about him that makes you love to hate him.
Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)-In many ways, she was more hateful than Voldemort.  I can't even begin to say how much I wanted to see something awful happen to her.

Who are some of your favorite heroes and villains?


  1. LOVE all the my fave sci-fi characters you picked! I chose Dolores as well. She is pure evil!

  2. Those choices have geek written all over them - awesome! I almost selected Mal but had to give it up for SG1's Jack.

  3. You love your captains indeed, and what's not to love? Leadership, dedication, and (in the case of Kirk) more than a little bit of mayhem. I just watched Star Trek Into Darkness, so I should probably say A LOT OF MAYHEM!

    The Borg is a terrifyingly awesome concept. I can just imagine... And you are right, pink and ruffly Dolores was a lot more villainous than Voldemort. The woman thought her hateful ways were good, and that made her dangerous and very scary.

  4. While I haven't seen Babylon 5 I whole-heartedly agree with EVERYONE else on your lists- especially Mal. I love Mal SOOOOOOO MUCH. And I've always had a thing for Kirk, even with the womanizing.

    And the Borg- oh, the borg. That one two-parter where Piccard nearly becomes one is one of the greatest storylines that has ever occured on television. And Umbridge was beyond evil, you're so right.

    Great choices, all!

  5. Excellent Heroes, and dastardly villains, L.G. All good choices.

  6. You have a fondness for men in authority then :)

    I'd forgotten about Mr Morden from B5 - a manipulator if ever there was one. And The Borg - I admire their adaptability and cooperation, but then they decimate whole star systems to build the collective, the will of the many destroying independence and freedom - hateful.

    Nice selection!

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles

  7. Mal is rough around the edges, but his heart is made of solid gold. Great choices L.G.

  8. Mal's a great hero, even though he might not always seem like one!
    I hate Umbridge, she's just awful.

  9. Gotta love Kirk. He is the best!

    And man do I ever hate Umbridge!

    The Other Side

  10. Ah, B5 . . . I did love Sheridan, and also Marcus!


  11. I've never thought about, but now I'll be considering! Yours are great, except Kirk, can't forgive his womanizing ways, or the fist fights, but you're right he did think on his feet, but I give all the credit for that to the writers. Loved Star Trek, just not him. :) I'm harsh aren't I.
    Favorite villains, gosh, that truly is hard. your choices are all good!

    I may be back later once I've given it some thought.

  12. Love me some Capt. Kirk! :)
    And Umbridge was so cruel... nice choice for your villain.

    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  13. Kirk is a worthy hero indeed! Love the bit-of-a-badboy and world/universal protector role. :) Writer’s Mark

  14. You have Mal, Kirk and Sheriden - you win :). I think Kirk was one of the heroes I fell in love with very early on; I remember watching original Trek in re-runs when I was quite small.
    Tasha's Thinkings

  15. Good choices, and yes, you do seem to be enamored with captains. ;-)