Thursday, September 12, 2013

FSF: Deadly Flower

It's time once again for Five Sentence Fiction.  The word for this week is FLOWERS.

Those of you who wish to read this story from the beginning can find it on this PAGE.

Chapter 45: Deadly Flower

The stunning, yet horrifying, light show continued to wrap and slither around the world below, and the two women in the were so entranced by it that they nearly leapt out of their seats when the ship’s proximity alarm sounded.  Nara immediately began tapping at the control panel in the, and Ylana was about to ask her about the readings when a movement at the corner of her vision captured her attention.

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An object hovered in the distance, and though it was so pale that the blackness of space threatened to swallow it entirely, she saw the outline distinctly enough to know what it was.  Ylana’s entire being filled with the deepest dread she’d felt since departing her home world as she gazed upon the ship.  Like a deadly flower, sections of the ship began to unfurl, revealing an inner core that glowed softly in the depths of space, a structure that revealed it to be none other than a Kryllian war ship.

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