Saturday, August 15, 2015

Get a Copy of A Silent Soliloquy for Free!

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who has purchased a copy of my novella A Silent Soliloquy, read it, reviewed it, or in any way helped to promote it.  You've all been amazing!  Anyone who downloaded a copy of Cosmic Seasoning is also totally amazeballs.  Seriously.  Thank you!

This whole self-promotion thing is tricky.  I'm admittedly not the best at it.  The more I promote my work directly, the more I feel like a door-to-door salesman that no one wants to see coming.  Whether or not I appear that way to any of you is another matter. I've been trying to decide how I can keep trying to get the word out there about my work without becoming too desperate or annoying, and I've had an idea.

I'd like to thank Karen Elizabeth Brown for inspiring me on this one.  She's offering a coupon code for her book Galaxy Nomads, which means you can get a copy from Smashwords for free until August 30th!  If you'd like to get your own, check out her post for the details.  I already downloaded mine.

When I saw that post, I started thinking about doing this with A Silent Soliloquy.  A short term promotion like this might help me get my work out there, and as an indie writer, this is crucial.  Then I tried to think like an advertiser.  Again, this is not a comfortable niche for me, but I gave it my best, and here's my proposition for you.

I've created a Smashwords coupon for A Silent Soliloquy.  Anyone who takes me up on this offer can get a copy from Smashwords for free.  All you have to do is this.

-Use some form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, a blog post, etc.) to promote either A Silent Soliloquy or Cosmic Seasoning.
-Email me at with a link to the post/tweet/whatever so I can see that you've done it.  Please put "A Silent Soliloquy promotion" in the subject line of your email so I know what it's about.
-I will respond to that email with the Smashwords coupon code.
-You can find A Silent Soliloquy HERE.
-Use the coupon code at checkout by September 14th, 2015.

And to make your promoting easier, here are a few links to my works for you:

A Silent Soliloquy:

Cosmic Seasoning:

That's relatively simple, right?

Thanks again to all of you for being so cool.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi L.G.
    I have just finished promoting your book on my book review website at
    and also on my twitter at @pat_garcia. I will also give your book a read by the end of August and post a review on my blog and Amzon and Smashwords.
    All the best for your marketing. Hang in there.
    Pat Garcia

  2. Don't feel funny about promoing your work by giving it away. Authors do this all the time with ARC copies. I've given away lots of mine to book bloggers or as Read2Review promotions. (actual compliance review rate was only about 15% for me, though.) Every step you take will help in the long run. Go you!! :)

  3. Self promotion is hard, especially for those of us who're introverted to some extent. I've bought A Silent Soliloquy as I'd rather support you than to get a free copy. When I'll get time to read it through is another story. When I do, I'll leave a review.

    Not long until the WEP challenge now!

    Denise :-)