Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things-February 5, 2016

It's Friday!  Let's Celebrate the Small Things with Lexa Cain!  Tonja Drecker and I are her co-hosts!

Be sure to stop by Hart Johnson's blog where you can find blurbs for two stories from the upcoming IWSG anthology Parallels: Felix Was Here.  One blurb is from my story "Felix Was Here" and the other comes from Yolanda Renee's story "Ever-Ton."  If you're at all curious, you won't want to miss it!  She's going to be doing two per week for the next few weeks, so there's plenty more to come.

Writing hasn't progressed with the speed that I might have liked, but I've also been sinking a lot more effort into marketing this week than I normally do, so I can't really complain.  The writing I have done seems to be pretty decent too, so I should only be celebrating.

The kids also had two snow days this week, so that also impacted my writing schedule. Let's just say we have a large quantity of snow outside, but the kids are back in school now, so my sanity should be safe for now.

I wrote up a detailed outline of my goals for the next couple of months, and while it feels like I have a lot that I want to do, it should be manageable as long as I stick to it.

What would you like to celebrate?

EDIT: Parallels: Felix Was Here will be available May 3, 2016!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Insecure Writer's Support Group-February 2016

How in the world is it the first Wednesday of the month already?  Time sure does fly, doesn't it?  Let's get this party started and convene the next meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group!  Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh is our esteemed leader.  His co-hosting minions for this month are Allison Gammons, Tamara Narayan, Eva E. Solar, Rachel Pattinson, and Ann V. Friend.

Be sure to stop by the IWSG website!

I can't believe January is behind us already.  I have a list of goals drawn up for February, and I'm looking forward to tackling several projects.  That's the part I feel fairly confident about.  However much work it may take, I know I can finish them.

My insecurity this month has to do with marketing.  I am not good at marketing myself or my work.  I'm such an introvert that I feel awkward even trying to convince people to give my work a chance.  I silently hope that people naturally stumble across my stories, even though that's highly unlikely.  Oh, why can't it be that easy?

The good news is that I may be learning a lot of valuable information about marketing over the next couple of months.  Those of us who are going to be appearing in the upcoming IWSG anthology together have been communicating about various ways of promoting the book, and it's been a good experience so far.  There's no better way to learn about these things than working with your fellow writers.

What is your insecurity this month?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Murder & Obsession With Yolanda Renee

Flames burn between a hardboiled cop and a gifted artist, but soon extinguish as another man’s obsession ignites into an inferno of desire, driving him to destroy the object of his madness.

To be Released March 2016

As wedding bells echo like the ring of toasting champagne glasses in the ice carved mountains of Anchorage Alaska, detective Steven Quaid rehabs his grandfather’s cabin into a honeymoon cottage for his new bride.

When he returns from a hunting trip, Steven’s faced with five police officers, who “Want to talk.” Plagued by two unsolved murders, the Department is searching for answers.

The conversation comes to a deafening halt as the team finds a bloody crime scene in the bridal suite. "Where's her body?" is a question Steven cannot fathom. 

Steven’s jaw clenches and his heart races. Images of Sarah streak through his mind.

The silence breaks as an explosion of accusations vibrate through every fiber of his being.  Steven bolts…

Although running is never the smart thing to do, Steven’s not thinking clearly and his escape into the wilderness of the Brooks Range proves almost fatal.

This Steven Quaid mystery is both personal and heartbreaking.


Yolanda Renee

At one time Alaska called to me and I answered. I learned to sleep under the midnight sun, survive in below zero temperatures, and hike the Mountain Ranges. I've traveled from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and the memories are some of my most valued. The wonders, mysteries, and incredible beauty that is Alaska has never left me and thus now influence my writing.

Despite my adventurous spirit, I achieved my educational goals, married, and I have two wonderful sons. Writing is now my focus, my newest adventure!

You can find Yolanda at:

New Covers:

After a gritty detective becomes involved with a beautiful widow suspected of murder, rumor and obsession obstruct his quest for justice.

World damnation is a psychotic man’s goal, but two obstacles stand in his way, greed and a dedicated detective. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lost & Found Valentine's Edition Bloghop

It's time for the Lost & Found Valentine's Edition Bloghop!  This bloghop is brought to you by Arlee Bird and Guilie Castilol-Oriard, and it's co-hosted by Elizabeth Seckman, Yolanda Renee, Denise Covey, and Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Today I'd like to share a piece of fiction with you.  I hope you enjoy it!

Cursed Love

Once upon a time, a girl named Harriett learned a lesson, even though most days she didn’t even remember that she’d learned it.

The lesson was this: one should be careful of curses.

One should also be careful of people who know how to cast them.  Unfortunately, those who can cast curses don’t typically advertise the fact that they can.

It all began when Harriett was fifteen, and she did what many of her age tend to do.  She fell in love.  Perhaps it wasn’t the mature kind of love that most adults take seriously, but it was certainly the most intense feeling she’d ever known.

The mysterious boy moved in next door in the middle of the night.  That alone added a level of mystique to the situation.  However, when she saw the black-haired boy with the gray eyes on his front porch the next morning, her heart practically did a great flip out of her body and landed at his feet.

Unfortunately, he didn’t go to school like most kids their age, so she couldn’t hope to run into him in the hallway.  She wanted more than anything to talk to him.  To get to know him.  She just didn’t know how to take that first step.

It took three weeks of seeing him outside every morning before she approached the chain link fence and offered him a simple greeting.  “Hello.”

The boy smiled tentatively and introduced himself as Jonah.

Several weeks passed with daily greetings at the fence.  Smiles were exchanged.  Fleeting glances paved the way to longer conversations, and within a few months, they started sneaking away from the fence to spend time hidden away in a grove of pines behind their houses.

Every time Harriett smelled a brand new pine-scented car freshener, she recalled their first kiss.

*     *     *

Jonah wasn’t supposed to fall in love with someone normal.  A mundane life would have only drained him of his magic.  Yet when he looked into Harriett’s cerulean eyes, he couldn’t help himself.  The risk didn’t matter.  After spending an entire childhood in solitude, it was good to have someone.  Those stolen moments made his days brighter.

Every time Jonah’s mother added pine needles to her cauldron to make her signature anti-wrinkle potion, he thought of Harriett’s embrace and the sweet scent of her straw-colored hair.

*     *     *

During another intimate moment in the pine grove, Jonah buried his face against Harriett’s neck and breathed her in.  “I wish we could run away together,” he whispered.

She laughed softly.  “We’re only sixteen.”

“I know.  Maybe one day we can take off and see the world together.  I don’t want to be worried all the time.”

Harriett never understood why Jonah’s mother was so strict, but she didn’t want to risk losing these moments with him.  She hugged him closer.  “We will.  We’ll go, and we’ll see everything we can.  Nothing can stop us.”

*     *     *

Jonah’s mother had been on her way to collect pine needles when she caught sight of her son and the neighbor girl kissing among the trees.  Her blood boiled.  She slipped away soundlessly, all thoughts of her anti-wrinkle potion banished.  She had something more important to do.

*     *     *

Neither Jonah nor Harriett noticed the difference right away.  The curse made them forget what they had previously meant to each other.  When they saw one another from their respective yards, it barely registered.  Why would Harriett notice the strange boy who never spoke to anyone?  And why would Jonah care about this girl he didn’t know when he had to work on honing his powers?

Only one day out of the year was any different.  Each year on Valentine’s Day, they remembered everything.  For twenty-four hours, they looked at each other and saw just how much they’d once meant to one another, and they were allowed to spend that time together before the veil dropped between them once more.

Jonah’s mother designed the curse that way for a reason.  That single day wasn’t enough for Jonah to devise a way to break the curse, and it was just enough to keep him from moving on entirely.  The vague sense of wrongness would keep him from looking at any other girls who might distract him from his life’s path.  That outcome was worth letting them have that one day.

*     *     *

Each Valentine’s Day, the lovers met in the pine grove as soon as their memories returned, and they spent the entire day together hidden away from the world.  Once they were both eighteen, they started renting hotel rooms so they could have the intimate moments they craved.

When they were twenty, they decided to run away.  Jonah wasn’t sure what would happen, but he knew he had to try.  They made it as far as the state line by midnight.

The next morning, they both woke in their separate beds, the memories of the previous day nothing more than a blur.

*     *     *

When Harriett was twenty-two, she discovered she was pregnant.  This came as a shock, because she wasn’t in a relationship.  She’d never been with anyone.  She thought back to various college parties she’d been to, and though she couldn’t recall anything happening at any of them, what other explanation was there?

Her parents were disappointed, but they invited her to stay at home even after she finished school.  They didn’t want their daughter to be alone.

*     *     *

Harriett walked carefully down the sidewalk.  It was the week before Christmas, and she didn’t want to slip on the ice with her infant son in her arms.  He’d been born with gray eyes and a headful of straw-colored hair adorning his head.  The doctor had commented on how unusual that was, but the boy was also healthy, so she wasn’t concerned.

She reached her car on the side of the street, and she was about to place her son in his car seat when someone bumped into her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the young man said, his eyes wide.  “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Harriett, barely recognizing him as the neighbor, clutched the baby to her chest.  “You’re lucky I didn’t drop him,” she scolded.

The young man looked down at the child, while she focused on his face.  Something stirred inside her as she looked from the neighbor’s gray eyes to her son’s gray eyes.  They were identical.

“Jonah,” she said quietly as something snapped into place inside her.

He looked up, the recognition evident in his face as he studied her.  “Harriett.”  That single word was filled with wonder.  He silently offered her his hand.

She took it, vowing never to let go again.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things-January 29, 2016

It's Friday!  Let's Celebrate the Small Things with Lexa Cain!  Tonja Drecker and I are her co-hosts.

This has been an exciting week for me since the cover art for the IWSG anthology was released.  It's crazy to see the title of my story on the cover, along with cover art inspired by my story.  This has put me in a pretty optimistic mood.

I haven't gotten a lot of writing done this week, but that's because I did a lot of reading.  At the end of the day, I can hardly complain about that.  Reading is an excellent way of passing the time.

I will, have an opportunity to catch up on the writing I missed out on doing over the weekend though.  Provided I manage my time wisely, of course.  That's always the tricky part.

What would you like to celebrate?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Insecure Writer's Support Group Anthology Cover Revealed!

So, I've got something exciting.  Do you want to see it?  Why am I even asking?  Of course you do!

I have the cover and synopsis for the Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology.

Parallels: Felix Was Here
Print ISBN 9781939844200
eBook ISBN 9781939844118
Science Fiction/Alternate History

Enter the realm of parallel universes!

What if the government tried to create the perfect utopia? Could a society linked to a supercomputer survive on its own? Do our reflections control secret lives on the other side of the mirror? Can one moment split a person’s world forever?

Exploring the fantastic, ten authors offer incredible visions and captivating tales of diverse reality. Featuring the talents of L.G. Keltner, Crystal Collier, Hart Johnson, Cherie Reich, Sandra Cox, Yolanda Renee, Melanie Schulz, Sylvia Ney, Michael Abayomi, and Tamara Narayan.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will expand your imagination and twist the tropes of science fiction. Step through the portal and enter another dimension!

Available from Freedom Fox Press, an imprint of Dancing Lemur Press, in Spring 2016.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Undead Road Sale and Book Tour Info

The Vital Information

Title: The Undead Road: My Zombie Summer: Part One
Publisher: Dashboard Books / CreateSpace
Ebook Release: January 2nd, 2016
Paperback: January 26th, 2016
Cover by Steven Novak
Edited by Reece Hanzon

Nothing brings the family together like a zombie apocalypse …

Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Barnes would rather watch a zombie movie than shoot a real one, but he has no choice if his family wants to survive the end of the world. Their plan? Drive across the infected United States to a cabin in the Colorado Rockies without a scratch, but their trip takes a complicated detour in the middle of Nebraska when they find Kaylynn, a girl who can handle a baseball bat better than Jeremy can hold a .45 Berretta. And when they stumble into a sanctuary, Jeremy soon learns that Kaylynn is stronger than she looks—a deadly secret lies inside her.

After the radio picks up a distress call from Kansas City about a possible cure, Jeremy’s parents go with a team to investigate. They never return. The only way to find their parents is for Jeremy and his sister Jewel to rely on a dangerous girl who might just turn on them at any moment.

What Others Are Saying

"For me, zombie stories are never about the killing. They're about the survivors and how people deal with the apocalypse. To this undead end, David Powers King has come up with the most original spin on zombies I've ever read." - Michael Offutt, author of Slipstream and Oculus

Contest Details

Visit and leave and comment and/or tweet about The Undead Road (at least once) for a chance to win a free ebook. One out of every 10 comments and tweets is a winner! Use the Twitter Button below to ensure the author will see your tweet. Thank you!

Don't forget that The Undead Road is on sale for .99 in the Kindle Store from January 25th to January 29th!  Seriously, how can you pass that up?

There's also a blog tour going on as we speak, so be sure to check out when and where to go to keep up with all the cool goings-on.  

Blog tour hosts

Alex Cavanaugh         Jan 25th
Donna Hole                 Jan 25th
Chemist Ken               Jan 26th
Elana Johnson             Jan 26th
Nick Wilford               Jan 26th
Susan Gourley             Jan 27th
Tara Tyler                    Jan 27th
Kristin Smith               Jan 27th
Lidy Wilks                  Jan 28th
Elizabeth Seckman      Jan 28th
M.J. Fifield                 Jan 29th
Michael de Gesu         Jan 29th

About the Author

David Powers King was born in beautiful downtown Burbank, California where his love for film inspired him to be a writer. He is the co-author of the YA fantasy novel WOVEN, published by Scholastic. An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, David also has a soft spot for zombies and the paranormal. He currently lives deep in the mountain West with his wife and three children.