Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I just want to say WTF to a high school in Indiana that expelled senior Austin Carroll for posting a tweet containing the notorious F-bomb.  Now, if this was done in class, I can see the school having reason to be upset, although I think even in that case expulsion would still be going too far.  The tweet was posted in his home well outside school hours (about 2:20am), and he wasn't even using the four letter expletive to insult the school or anyone who works or goes there.  Instead, he was merely discussing the versatility of the term.  If anything, he could have called it an impromptu English assignment.  He clearly has a passion for language.

Granted, he used a school owned computer to post the offending tweet, but even so, students are still protected by the 1st Amendment.  If his activities weren't being disruptive to the learning environment of the school in any way, why should administrators be so upset?  Words are powerful, yes, but is this one word justification enough for all this?  I think not.