Friday, April 19, 2013

Q: Questing for a Name

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Questing for a Name

“Choosing a name is the most important decision we have to make?  What kind of nonsense is that?”  This vocal protest, so loud it made the whole assembly draw back a little, came from George. 

Though Adam wouldn’t have stated it quite so brashly, he felt the same way.

All eyefeathers turned to bear on George, though the Great Orator made no hint that he’d go so far as to turn his chair.  “Word choice is everything.  Public opinion will reflect on us in accordance to how we name ourselves, and we must also name the actions of our adversary according to that same principle.”

“But . . . this is a secret operation,” Adam objected.  Am I missing something?

The Great Orator waved a dismissive hand.  “It is only a secret for now.  However, the galaxy will one day know of what we did here.  Our actions will be inscribed on the pages of history books from every inhabited world.  Those histories will be informed by our actions, yes, but also by our rhetoric.  By choosing our labels carefully, we build our legacy.”

“History is written by the winners,” George said.  “If we fail, it won’t matter what kind of thought we put into this.  Bibble will spin it to make us look like inept terrorists.  Heck, he’ll try to do that the moment we make our first move!”

Layla leaned forward, her eyes aimed confidently up at the Great Orator.  “He makes a good, if somewhat gloomy, point.  I’m all for honing the rhetorical aspect of our plan, but we need to make sure we have a solid plan of action as well.”

The Great Orator flipped a switch on the armrest, and the platform beneath his chair turned until he faced Layla.  “Trust me, Ms. Garrison, that will be the second order of business.  Perhaps you’d like to speed things along toward that end by proposing a name for our cause.”

Layla leaned back and stared intently at the ceiling as she searched inwardly for inspiration.  “I can’t say how this would translate in your native tongue, sir, but I have a name that would mean something to my people.”  She looked over at Adam and winked.  “I suggest the name ‘Apple.’”

Adam stared back at her, more than a little curious where she was going with this.  “Why?”

“It stands for the Alliance of Persons Pursuing Lifelong Existence.  The title speaks to what happened to you both through the acronym and through addressing the fundamental injustice that was done to you.”  Layla spoke to the room, but she looked only at him.  “What happened to you would frighten anyone.  You did nothing.  A crime was committed against you, and they came for you in your own home.  If it happened to you, no one is safe.  And now, even while you live, they’ve done all they can to erase you.  This name gives us a clear idea of what’s at stake, and a living, breathing spokesperson that embodies it.”

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  1. Wait a go, Layla! busting down that semantical roadblock like it's nothing!